Vera and Goran
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By Daniela
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Juraš’s reaction to the room: „This room is amazing! I love the design!!!“
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Karolina Hulova, Art Director, Elle Decor, CZ 2
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Kačenka’s reaction on the room
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If you inquire about collaboration with Biljana and her work, it could be described with numerous words ranging from exciting and fun to vibrant and many others, but never ordinary. She is a hard-working young woman who dedicates her whole heart to an understanding of her clients’ needs. This applies not only to what they wish their homes to look like but more importantly, to understand their personalities and lifestyle in order to be able to accommodate their requests with utmost commitment.

We head a pleasure working with Biljana on re-arranging our living room and after hours and hours spent discussing, trying various options, and negotiating, we are more than happy with the result. While our living room was turned into a modern, chic sanctuary it still feels cozy and warm. Biljana was also always available, open to discussing new ideas that came along the way, and able to adjust accordingly. We are grateful for having collaborated with her and would never hesitate to ask for help if we decide to make other changes in our flat.


Dear Biljana, Let me thank You in the name of all our family for helping us creating our new home. Your ideas and what you have created, your enthusiasm and sense for details, were above our expectations. The kids love their rooms and I enjoy every corner of my new home. Everyone who came to visit were impressed by what they saw. We respect Your work and the time that you have spent here with us. We miss meeting You and Zizi and we miss our discussions on what will look better and what will not. We weren't easy to deal with sometimes and keeping that in mind, I am thankful even more for Your work. Whenever You are around, come for a coffee - I will even make you a cake:-)!   Kisses, Daniela

Karolína Hůlová, Art Director,
ELLE Decoration Czech Republic

What comes to my mind when asked about Biljana Lazović? Here she is: a tall, distinctive and an absolutely determined woman with an amazing personality, an interior designer with both feet rooted to the ground, yet not worried to put everything at stake. Her decisions will always be 'either/or', never anything in between. Challenge her with any interior design task and she will fling open the door to your own creative universe, guiding you to its most remote corners. Your original expectations meanwhile somehow vanish, but in fact, you won‘t mind. Biljana will, without a blink of an eye, erase your subconsciousness so that she can introduce you to your real self. However, she will never push you. Her work carries a bold signature. The words 'dense'' and 'rich' describe best the way I feel about her approach to colours, details, space. And it does not rely only on her crazy colourful interiors. She is fierceless. I respect Biljana very much. It feels like she is watching a never ending film in which she keeps an eye on all the people whom have ever entered her world, herself included. She cheers us all on and keeps her fingers crossed for all of us.


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